Technology, music and training in a boxing machine

When we talk about gadgets we usually talk about devices that can be useful in the day to day, in our house, in the kitchen … but technology is applied in sectors of all kinds, renovating machines and establishing new ways of acting in sport.

Today we have found you with a machine for something very specific: boxing. I am not talking about improving techniques to blow someone’s face, I am talking about an exercise that thousands of people practice in the world, even if they are not face to face with anyone.

The liteboxer Bundle Boxing Machine features tough workouts designed by top trainers that we can access with your smartphone. These full-body boxing sessions use technology, music, and expert training on a single platform.

They present it as a gadget suitable for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. In fact, we can adapt the workouts to different levels of fitness.

The exercise plan includes a free three-month subscription to access various fitness trainers.

It has LED lights that indicate when and where to hit throughout your workout. It has force sensors to analyze power and precision, and it syncs with the music in workouts, Rocky 4 good style.

The connection with the tablet or phone is wireless, and we can mirror the content of the device to the TV with Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

The downside is its price: $ 1,495, plus a training subscription.

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