Telegram levels up its voice chats in its new update

At a time when there is a lot of talk about Clubhouse and how the competition is growing, now we find a new version of Telegram that takes voice chat to a higher level, posing as one of the best alternatives, which It is also available to any user on any platform.

Regarding the news that they now present, for days they have already been talking about them thanks, among other things, to the appearance of translation chains just a week ago that made visible the news that they now present.

On this point it is also interesting to observe the speed in the development of the new functions, avoiding months and months of waiting, having become accustomed to an avalanche of news every few months.

Threatening Clubhouse at a fast pace

Going into details, Telegram tells us from its blog that voice chats, to date only available to groups since its launch last December, now also reach the channels, but not only that, but it is also eliminated the number of participants, enabling millions of listeners to listen to the voice conversations that take place, considering voice chat as the radio of the 21st century.

To create a voice chat in a public channel or group, Telegram notes that:

To start a voice chat, open the profile of any group or channel in which you are an administrator, touch () or () and choose Start voice chat

But in addition, Telegram offers administrators the possibility of recording live conversations so that they can be permanently available later for any member, especially for those who could not access their live development.

But Telegram goes further by adding a function that symbolizes the raising of hands that allows administrators to give the floor to those who wish to contribute something to the conversation, taking into account that access to live conversations is performed, from the outset, as listeners.

And to attract more public, Telegram also allows administrators of groups and public channels to create invitation links to their voice chats, which can be links for speakers and links for listeners.

And finally, with regard to voice chats, in a channel voice chat, users can represent themselves with their personal accounts or as one of their channels, the latter option being recommended for celebrities and public figures.

Other novelties

In another vein, Telegram now allows you to rectify the choice of a chat conversation before forwarding a message, it also allows you to resume media playback from the same point where they left it, and in Android, users can designate the action that we want to obtain when sliding to the left in the list of chats from the following options: archive, fix, mute, delete or mark as read.

And this is all for the moment, some news that comes just when WhatsApp and the rest of the Facebook Inc services have operational problems, which is a huge push so that many can return to Telegram, as has already been happening in the past. last, in addition to turning to Twitter as the old reliable to know if it is your own problem or the service, something also common.

From Telegram continue working to bring another avalanche of news in the future. If any user has problems or wants to add a suggestion for the application, they can send it to the developers through

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