Telegram updates the groups with mentions, responses and hashtags

Telegram updates the groups with mentions, responses and hashtags

The Telegram groups have been updated, allowing much improved interactivity among their members, which will undoubtedly lead to much more understandable conversations.

Because there is nothing worse than several people talking at the same time, each one of their history. That is the great failure of group chats, and it is striking that Telegram did not yet have functionalities that IRC clients have been supporting for decades.

That has changed with today’s version of Telegram for Android, Mac OS X, Telegram Web and iOS (although the latter is taking a while to arrive), which includes several new features for groups.

These are the news of the Telegram groups

For example, now we can reply directly to a particular message. In the mobile app we have to press (double in iOS), and in the desktop and web we just have to find a single icon next to the user in question, and choose Reply. The message we send will be included in our response.

Of course, we may just want to mention someone (good vibes). The mentions option works by simply starting to type the @ and username (auto-complete does the rest).

Finally, they also arrive hashtags, that work as we expected: writing the # and the word of hashtags. We can click or click on them to see who else is talking about that topic, either in Telegram groups or individual users.

These news will be available in the updates that will arrive to you throughout the day.

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