Telegram will give up to $ 1 million to bot developers

The bot war has begun. The most important communication platforms in the world are already opening their doors so that developers can create automatic customer service systems, or bots that offer information in response to user requests (a la siri), and for this it is now necessary incentivize programmers.

In Telegram, one of the most open platforms in this regard, want to invest in the creation of increasingly sophisticated bots, and now they announce the botprize, prizes for the most useful, fast and original bots.

Telegram announces awards for bot creators

The prizes can be up to 25,000 dollars per bot, and the requirements are simple: they must be fast (nothing to make the user wait) and useful.

On their website they indicate the process that must be followed to send the project, as well as the links so that the programmers get the most out of everything related to the creation of bots, the apps of the future, according to many already starting to call them.

The funny thing is that Facebook does not implement something similar in WhatsApp and it does it in Messenger, which makes us suspect, once again, that at some point the two solutions will merge.

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