Templates to create app sketches using paper and pencil

There are many applications and platforms in general that allow us to draw application sketches directly from the computer. We just have to drag and drop components, create buttons, choose templates and let the idea take shape. These platforms have a very similar working method between them, with free options and payment options that allow for more or less flexibility when creating the final project.

Still, there are many people who prefer to think and test designs with pencil and paper, and for this UIPrint offers free templates to print.

We just have to access and choose the desired design. They are basic mobiles with an interior full of dots, as if it were graph paper, so that the designer can create the user interface joining dots and creating correctly aligned components.

As you can see in the image above, there are even infinite screens, so that we can design the interface taking into account even the vertical sliding that the user can perform on the screen of each device.

In total there are more than 10 templates with different sizes and shapes, all of them ready to go through the printer and form part of the sketchbook of those artists who end up bringing to our application store the best designs on the market.

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