Tesla electric truck featured in video

Tesla has some of the most amazing electric cars on the market, but that doesn’t mean they don’t focus on other industries. Electric trucks have a lot of future, and we already know more about the latest prototype of the Tesla Semi.

In a video posted on his Twitter account we can see him on a test track. The truck has 4680 battery cells, and can be viewed without any trailer.

It is not the first time that its appearance appears on the networks, in fact the truck began to be presented in 2017, although with a different design. In this case it is a new generation that had only been seen in photographs, never in video, as before. At the time, it was said that energy costs will be half that of gasoline trucks, and that by requiring less maintenance, it could save more than $ 200,000.

If the numbers on its presentation are maintained, the Tesla Semi has a range of 800 kilometers, a distance covered by the vast majority of heavy goods trucks, although they have already indicated that the production version could go further, up to 960 miles. kilometers, although it always depends on the type of load you carry.

In order to reach the 1000 km they will have to use the 4680 cells presented in September, batteries that have a high energy density (close to 300 Wh / kg), to be profitable.

Although the delivery of the truck was scheduled for 2019, they had initial delays that were extended due to COVID-19. Now they believe that 2021 will be the year of the premiere, with the first deliveries to customers.

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