Text Blaze, to include predefined texts using shortcuts

On many occasions we spend a lot of time responding to the same messages or commenting on the same phrases in web applications. Both in customer service and in the comments of certain web content, the phrases are repeated, and copying and pasting is somewhat unproductive.

In order to speed up this task, we have the Chrome Text Blaze extension, a plugin that allows you to associate shortcuts such as /Hello to full paragraphs to be displayed at the appropriate time.

In this way, continuing with the example, if we write /Hello In someone’s profile, the text that we have predefined before in the plugin will automatically appear, and that can be a list of paragraphs with our presentation.

We can have shortcuts of any kind, a /Hello a /goodbye, a /error … Each shortcut is personalized, unique to us, and is so powerful that it supports customization with variables that come from forms, so we can have a unique text for each person we talk to.

Your cofunder reminds us:

Text Blaze is extremely easy to get started – you can start saving hours of repetitive typing in seconds. But it’s also very powerful, you can create dynamic snippets using formulas and form fields, and you can collaborate with your colleagues on shared snippets. My co-founder, Scott, and I work together at Google, where we create business software for the sales and support team. We are creating Text Blaze because we realized that the best way to boost productivity is to empower people and teams to drive their own workflows.

Text Blaze is free and has tens of thousands of installs on

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