The 25 android apps that stole our Facebook data

Google has already eliminated from its app store the 25 that contain viruses, a malware programmed to steal our Facebook data, which could generate future problems, such as likes to content that we do not follow, automatically follow pages, comment, distribute malicious links in our account or simply lose access to the social network forever.

These are the apps that steal access so that criminals can later sell services like 20,000 new followers for $ 100. Those followers they get are the ones who installed viruses on their phones, the ones who will automatically follow pages without them noticing.

It was a French cybersecurity firm that identified the problem, with a list of apps ranging from flashlights to photo editors. All of them have the same dark code inside them, although, logically, they also performed the action that they sold.

While the flashlight was turned on, the photos were edited or the horoscope appeared on the screen, in the background it was verified if Facebook was open, a false home page was displayed and information was stolen when someone entered the login and password.

In this image you have the apps, so you can check if you have any of them installed:

At the moment the problem has only been detected in them, and they will surely be eliminated automatically from your mobile, but it is worth checking if there is a trace of them on your device.

Also remember two things:

– Change the Facebook password from time to time. – Be suspicious if a page suddenly appears asking for your login and password (either from Facebook or from any other service).

The downside of these threats is that a person can have their mobile infected for years without realizing it, following profiles and making comments out there without knowing it, which can affect both their reputation and Facebook’s own content recommendation algorithm.


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