The 2Cubed, cargo vehicles based on electric bicycles, arrive

A few days ago, the British company EAV (Electric Assisted Vehicles) presented its new generation of transport vehicles based on electric bicycles, the new EAV 2Cubed eCargo, with the claim of serve as an alternative to last-mile transportation by vans and pickup trucks in urban areas.

The new EAV 2Cubed eCargo can enjoy different configurations thanks to the use of a cabin / chassis separated from the bike body, which according to the model presented, has a capacity of about 2 cubic meters, surpassing the previous generation, with a maximum payload of 150 kilograms plus the driver, although the company points out that in the future it will present a new package of wheels and tires that allow increasing the weight of the load capacity, committing to make the announcement at the appropriate time.

For the company, this new model is based on its new platform EAVan Pedelec Drive, which will serve as the backbone of its product range in the future. The 2Cubed have a small accelerator, which allows starting with the thumb, up to 5 km / h, then passing continuity to the driver’s pedaling with the help of a small motor, which allows him to move until reaching a speed of 25 km / h, at which point the engine stops working, activating the free run mode, whereby energy is recovered and reintroduced into the battery.

The 2Cubed have a replaceable battery system that allow an autonomy of 48 kilometers, although with a couple of batteries options can reach 96 kilometers, allowing in any case that the batteries can be recharged easily.

The company has already got down to work to carry out the mass production at its center in Oxford, receiving the first orders from companies interested in having these vehicles in their fleets.

Source: Hybrids and electrical

Image credit: EAV

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