The 3D printer that clones objects in a few seconds

A traditional 3D printer layers the plastic slowly, one by one, until it has a complete 3D object after a few hours. Logically it depends on the configuration and the object, but in general it is a very slow process that almost never works right the first time.

But that is true if we talk about the printers that we can have at home at a low price, there are other printers that are being developed that are much more effective, and today we will talk about one that does the job in a few seconds.

The idea of ​​the new Formart 2 by Myyard is to print with the technique of vacuum formation, modifying a sheet of thin plastic on an object to make a hollow copy, as can be seen in the video below.

We can put an object in the printer and make a copy of it in no time. We will only have to put a flat sheet of plastic on the support for the machine to heat it up and alter its shape by copying the original object when placed on top, then a pump sucks the air, forming a 3D model that we can later use as a mold, for example. , or assemble with other parts.

They present it as a great solution for making molded objects such as soaps or solid plaster objects. The idea is that it becomes an intelligent vacuum forming machine for home use, ideal for craft workshops, since its price is not that high.

They currently have a reserve price of $ 1800 on kickstarter, and shipments will begin in September. Kit includes PET forming sheets and a supply of 30 high impact polystyrene sheets.

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