The Apple Watch could analyze our veins to detect movements

A new patent shows what a new Apple product could be in the future, although we already know that there are millions of patents in the world that never turn into something real.

In this case it is a system that recognizes gestures with the clock thanks to the fact that it is capable of monitoring the veins. It will not be necessary to touch the clock, just by moving your fingers we will already be telling you what we want to do.

The idea is to use not only the accelerometer or the gyroscope to identify movements, the same ones that are detected when we use the mobile to talk or those that are activated when we do sports. In this case, the movements of the fingers could be detected, since when we do, the blood flow changes depending on the movement, and those signals could be used to activate different functions.

It would thus be a new sensor, both on the watch itself and on the strap (which would make it more expensive), but its usefulness would be enormous. We could use it to translate sign language, for example, to make technology more accessible, although some solution would have to be analyzed so that we do not perform actions when moving our finger inadvertently.

If it comes out, surely we can configure the actions: if I clench my fists twice, call Mom, if I raise a certain finger, I put a troll comment on my Twitter … things like that.

Of course, it would also have a lot of use in Augmented and Virtual Reality systems, although it is better to stop dreaming before seeing any real product.

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