The backup of Google Photos on the Nexus will be special

To back up the photos we take on a daily basis, as well as the ones we have on the CDs and DVDs in the drawers, we can choose several smart options, but it is clear that Google Photos has risen to the podium in very little time. weather.

The fact of offering free backup with limited resolution is a plus, something similar to what they offer in shoebox, but with the advantage of talking about Google, a company that we know not to close due to lack of funds.

When we install Google Photos on our mobile or computer we can select two backup options, one of them with unlimited storage, using a limited resolution of 16MP, and the other with an original resolution respecting the space that we have contracted by Google, a space that is shared with Google Drive .

Now comes news in this regard: the free and unlimited option can also be extended to photos with original resolution, but only on Nexus devices.

In androidpolice they have discovered these functionalities by analyzing the apk file of this new version of google photos, where it is also possible to check that they will perform functions to order albums, as well as to control contrasts and all of the photos uploaded.

Now we await the public launch of these functions, as well as Google's comments on it.

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