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Many of us like to get carried away by our creative impulses to create amazing drawings or paintings. Some of us have it as a hobby and others as a profession. The truth is that there are many people who want to bring their ideas or creations to digital art, which in these times has had enormous growth and visibility, especially in the marketing area.

The number of people who join and bet on digital art is increasing, to make their talents known. There are a large number of free applications that help us develop digital illustrations, either from a computer or a tablet. Next, we will talk about some free drawing and painting apps, which will provide us with the necessary tools to become a complete graphic designer. Most of them have android version

Krita Art

First of all, we will talk about one of the best open source graphic design programs that we can find today. Using the software Krita we can create drawings, comics, sketches, paint, etc. It is widely used by those who work within the world of animation and has been online for many years, which is why it has become very popular. Among its functions we can find customizable panels, brush stabilizer, layer management and many other tools.

It presents a support for OCIO with which we can work with high resolution files. The best of all is that it has educational videos to help us beginner users so that we know how to manipulate the program and handle each of its functions. It is available on operating systems Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

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Another well-known application among the designer community is Gimp, a free software used to carry out photographic editions and also as a design tool to create drawings, any type of logos, banners, etc. Gimp works on operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac.

With the help of Gimp, we can get basic knowledge of how to make digital designs, since it offers tutorials about it. It has an open forum, to help us resolve all our concerns. In its new version, a few improvements were made on: the symmetry of the paintings, greater processing of bit depth, integration of new icons and themes, as well as other new features.

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Inkscape Draw Freely

Through Inkscape we will be able to obtain good quality designs with professional results. It is an open source application that we can use from Windows, Linux or Mac OS X that seeks to offer an optimal service, for any designer. Taking our ideas into great illustrations will be much easier with the help of this application, which also offers lessons, tutorials, and books to guide your community.

It has a wide variety of functions such as: Drawing tools, texts and shapes, pattern development, gradient settings, format manipulation Svg. Notably Inkscape, is recognized in the area of ​​digital marketing, since it works with vectors that facilitate the creation of logos using scales, which allow their size to be enlarged or decreased.

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My Paint 2.0

Currently counting on a basis for Python 3 in its most recent version. My Paint is a free program for PC or Tablets, which has conventional tools for the development of digital drawings and paintings. Improvements have been made to the brush stroke, as well as new modalities were integrated in version 2.0. Initially My Paint was a platform designed for Linux systems, but currently it is also handled on Windows and Mac. It is worth mentioning that we do not get carried away by its simple appearance.

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Among other options to make vector drawings or designs we have Skencil, an open source software with a platform that has the basis for Python. In addition to the usual functions, it has advanced options such as text folding, gradient fill, and Bzier curves. It has import filters, so it has the ability to read a variety of formats. It should be noted that the application is not only used to create illustrations, but also to make diagrams, etc.

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Sumo Paint

Versatility and speed are the two most outstanding characteristics of Sumo Paint, a program that we can use, either online or download its desktop version. It presents a large number of useful tools for design, with hundreds of brushes, which will give us quality results. In the case of the desktop version, you do not need an Internet connection to use the program.

Sumo Paint is constantly being updated, to ensure optimal functioning of all the tools that it leaves us at our disposal. It has a variety of gradients to make edits regarding the saturation of the gradients, contains a perspective mapping, layer effects that will not destroy our standard design, animated brushes, bump mapping and many other functions.

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Autodesk Sketchbook

It was recently announced that this great design program, which has been a favorite among the designer community, is now available, completely free. Sketchbook offers a set of tools for the elaboration of sketches, since they bet on the creativity of its users.

Sketchbook’s interface is elegant, prioritizing the space it leaves for drawing on each device, working with canvases of 100 mpx. Through the camera we can scan our printed drawings to draw them. Features over 190 brushes, pencils, and markers. Work with formats JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PSD.

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This is an enhanced open source version of Gimp, developed to make the program offer the same quality of Photoshop, but accessible to everyone. It is available on operating systems Linux, Windows and Mac. It offers a large number of customizable tools with which we can create drawings and even animations. Though, GIMshop look like a more photo editing-oriented application, it has everything we need to use it as a painting program.

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A light and free program, available on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android, so it is not limited to working on computers, but also on mobile devices. Medibangpaint It is the ideal application to create manga and comic strips, with more than 50 brushes, among them: the watercolor brush, the G Pen and the Mapping Pen. It offers adjustment guides, so that when making lines or curves, they are perfect and it works like other programs with layer division. We can synchronize our work with each device we have, making use of the cloud.

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Ibis paint

Actually Ibis paint It has more than 60 million downloads, it is an application for mobiles and tablets that is growing every day. Apart from being an app, to make drawings, manga and comics, it offers videos to all its users in order to give us the necessary knowledge to illustrate. Ibis Paint contains all the functions of a desktop design software, which has made it a very versatile mobile application.

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PicsArt Color and Paint

The application that has a wide collection of functions for both beginners and professionals. It features a customizable brush, color mixer, brush used for textures, and layer blending. From simple doodles, sketches, to a fantastic design, we can obtain using PicsArt.

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Imitating the strokes of a painting or a graphite drawing is not an easy task, but PaperColor makes sure these look very similar. It has several brushes and different colors to draw, as well as a guide to draw lines with precision. A simple application that we can have on our mobile and use it whenever we want.

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Infinite Painter

If advanced tools to paint from our mobile it is, Infinite Painter it’s a great choice. It offers more than 160 brushes that we can easily configure if we wish, 4 symmetry modes, works with layer blending and allows developing lines using guides. Import and export layers PSD, we can also make 3D illustrations with the manuals offered by the application.

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Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint

Artecture presents more than 30 tools to create drawings that have a great result. In this application we do not have to set a limit to draw, since from Artecture we will be able to create sketches, illustrations, animations and paintings in leo. Work with layers, symmetry tools, color palettes, and effects for images.

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ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

We will make a whole drawing pad, our mobile or tablet, using ArtFlow. It is a fast and super practical app, which contains 20 brushes and various filling tools for drawing. Within the application there are some advanced functions, but if we can use them, we must choose to pay for a license.

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We hope that through these excellent applications, we can make our ideas, great digital illustrations. We do not need an expensive program, to have quality results, each one of them leaves us with all the essential tools to create the designs we have in mind, we just have to make use of our creativity.

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