The best DIY gifts for Three Kings Day


Sometimes making a good Christmas gift is complicated; We have a tight budget but we want to make sure that the gift pleases the recipient and also that it is original. And precisely if we are looking for an original gift the best thing we can do is a gift made by ourselves or DIY (Do It Yourself), and we are not referring to a shabby gift that seems made by a 6-year-old, we are talking about really spectacular things that we can do ourselves.

That’s why at Omicrono we have made a list of the best DIY gifts that you can make on Three Kings Day. Of course, according to the character of the blog, they are quite geeky gifts, let’s hope you like it.

An instant camera

Do you miss having the photos on paper? What matters to you about the photos is just keeping the memory? With this camera that you can do at home you can print the photos according to the shots, that is, you do not expect to have incredible results.

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Google Cardboard

Virtual reality can also be available to everyone in terms of price, in addition to the fact that we can mount our glasses at home. These Google cardboard glasses that we first saw at Google I / O 2014 in the company of a smartphone and the best virtual reality apps available (which are not many, all things said) can be a great economic solution.

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A 3D printer

If when you started reading the post you thought that everything you were going to find were going to be crappy and the above has not been enough to show you that you were wrong, perhaps knowing that even a 3D printer can be made at home will make you change your mind. Once again you can not expect incredible results but I think that for only 48 euros it is worth it, and no, I have not eaten a zero in the end, it is 48 euros.

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A flying board like Back to the Future


This is something that requires much more time and, above all, much more money, but if you are determined to make the most spectacular and striking gift that anyone has ever made and that cannot be bought in stores, this is your golden opportunity.

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A mobile

This gift is somewhat surprising and impractical but it can be a great solution for older people who do not want to see smartphones or in paint or for someone who does not want to have all day glued to a screen but localized. We also take advantage and, like any other way of spending time, we set up our phone. It’s time to work.

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Some Google Glass

A gadget that lately is quite forgotten (apart from the avatars of the Twitter medium) but that will delight the most geeks. Obviously they are not an official version of the glasses but it is a gadget of the same style.

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A Twitter bot

What can anyone want a Twitter bot for? No, we are not telling you to give a bot as a follower to anyone, that roll is not with us. However, if you know someone who, for example, is a big fan of something / someone, you can create a Twitter bot that responds to a predetermined phrase every time someone mentions that something or someone.

In reality the possibilities are very large and also thanks to botize you no longer need to know how to program to automate the behavior of your bot. It may be a bit seedy as the only gift but, as an extra detail, it can be quite good.

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A wallet made out of parts of a computer keyboard

A wallet can become a geek’s delight if it’s made from parts of a computer keyboard, and it shows. The result? A very original design and that, I insist, will be the delight of the most geeks.

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HAL 9000, 2001


The iconic 2001 robot A Space Odyssey is a sure gift for science fiction lovers and really for just about anyone. If you want to have it ready by day 6, that is, you had better hurry up because although we have not tried it, it looks like it takes work; In addition to getting all the necessary material it also seems complicated. For when a DIY version of TARS from Interstellar?

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A Gameboy

The quintessential Nintendo portable console has a multitude of smartphone emulators to continue enjoying your games, but that’s not comparable to having a console that looks like a real Gameboy thanks to a Raspberry Pi.

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If you have any interesting contribution do not hesitate to comment on it. It’s time to work!

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