The best drones you can buy for less than € 100

The best drones you can buy for less than € 100

If you are thinking of buying a drone but don’t want to make a very large investment, maybe you should think about one of these cheap drones.

Drones are the hot pot of the last year. Not only are they being used for many very interesting initiatives and inventions, such as ambulance drones or drones to send packages, but they also attract the attention of many ordinary users who just want to fly their drone and record some cool video. Everyone has ever seen a video recorded with a drone and wished at the moment to be able to record something similar (expectations are rarely met) or envied his heavyweight brother who has told him a thousand times how cool his drone is.

However, it is likely that after deciding that you were going to buy one, you have backed out for exorbitant prices. The drones with which they make those spectacular montages that you see on the Internet usually exceed 1,000 euros, but that does not mean that there are no much less expensive alternatives.

The best cheap drones

Depending on which use you plan to give your drone, there are several options in the lower price range that may be interesting. These are the best cheap drones under 100 euros.

Syma X5C

The Syma X5C is the reference drone in this price range. If you are simply looking for a drone that flies well and with which to record some videos, without any specific need, this should be your choice. It stands out for being very stable in flight and has a camera that records in HD. You can buy it for 56.96 on Amazon.

Hubsan x4

The Hubsan X4 is a very cheap drone that stands out for being equally suitable for indoor and outdoor flight. It doesn’t offer the same stability as the Syma X5C, but it is a very good choice if you intend to fly it both inside and outside the home (or any other enclosure). Is available on Amazon for 43.02.

Syma X8W

The Syma X8W is a very interesting drone if you have a sports camera and you would like to be able to put it on a drone and record videos with it. It is a fairly heavy and very stable drone, which allows it precisely be able to carry a sports camera attached. It also comes with a built-in camera, but it’s a very bad one, so if you plan to use the built-in camera, you may want to buy a Syma X5C. You can get at Gearbest for 61.44.

Attop YD 719C

A problem that we will find very frequently in cheap drones is a terrible autonomy, even less than 5 minutes of flight. If you are concerned about this section and are especially interested in to be able to fly as long as possible, the Attop YD 719C is the best option you have, with an 8-10 minute flight. It is still not a wonder, but it is the best option there is. Is available on Amazon for 98.91.

These are the best cheap drones that are currently on the market, excellent options to get started in the world of drones or just to mess around with them a little to get a good experience.

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