The best keyboard shortcuts for Facebook

The best keyboard shortcuts for Facebook

With one clear thing, that we enter Facebook more from mobile devices than from its web version, today we bring you the best keyboard shortcuts for Facebook. A different way of accessing different functions of the social network and that in theory, the website is its base and its center of everything.

T, like me and like all Facebook users, we spend hours (not giving) in the Facebook feed, which we understand as a wall. A place where all the annotations of friends, colleagues, companies, groups of friends and events are published. There we can interact in a quick and easy way to access sites in a fierce way.

These are the best keyboard shortcuts for Facebook


  • The key P, in order to carry out an update in our Facebook status.
  • The key JIn order to move the wall down, go directly to the next story.
  • The key K, to do the reverse of the J, go up to the previous story.
  • The key L, differentiate the selected story.
  • The key S, to share the story we have selected
  • The key C, to comment on the selected story.
  • The key OR, to open an attachment in the selected story.
  • The key /, we move immediately to the search engine of the social network.
  • The key Q, we go to look for contacts in Messenger.


After the wall, people use Messenger (user chat) above the other Facebook functions, here there are also shortcuts and we will tell you the most prominent ones. Think that here the use of CTRL or ALT (Depending on the operating system).

  • The M key (Always with CTRL or ALT), to make a new chat
  • The R key (Always with CTRL or ALT), to mark the messages as read.
  • The J key (Always with CTRL or ALT), to mark a message as SPAM.
  • The Y / Z key (Always with CTRL or ALT), to archive a message.
  • The G key (Always with CTRL or ALT), to search for messages.
  • The U key (Always with CTRL or ALT), to go to others (messages).


The best shortcuts for Facebook come to facilitate our use in its web version and facilitate access to the options we have in the Feed (wall), and may vary depending on the operating system and the browser we have at that precise moment. For Windows they will be:

  • Internet Explorer: Alt + #
  • Mozilla Firefox: Alt + Shift + #
  • Google Chrome: Alt + #

On Mac OS X:

  • Safari: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Opt + #

Remember that the # symbol refers to the numbers that we are going to explain next

  • Number 1 to go home (Home)
  • Number 2 to go to the Timeline (Wall)
  • Number 3 to go to friends
  • Number 4 to go to messages
  • Number 5 to go to notifications
  • Number 6 to go to configuration
  • Number 7 to go to activity log
  • Number 8 to go to About Facebook
  • Number 9 to go to Security terms
  • Number 0 to go to Help

Now we can move around Facebook in a faster and easier way. Will it be a reason to reuse even once, the social network on your web version?

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