The best levitation speakers on the market

The best levitation speakers on the market

These are the best 360 sound levitated speakers you can buy right now.

In the world of sound, a rather curious phenomenon was recently introduced: speakers with magnetic levitation. They are speakers that can float thanks to magnetic fields, and in this way offer sound in 360.

The levitation speaker catalog is still quite small, but you can still choose from a wide range of prices with differences in design and sound quality. These are the best you can buy.

OM / One

This was the first floating speaker to go on sale, at the end of 2014. Manufactured by the prestigious OM Audio, it stands out for its futuristic design and a 15-hour autonomy (all these speakers are Bluetooth). The audio quality is not particularly remarkable, neither for good nor for bad. It can function independently of its base like a normal speaker, and includes a microphone to use as hands-free.

The bad part is that it is not marketed in Spain and consequently it is quite difficult to obtain. On Amazon USA they are available for $ 97.50.


The Moxo X-1 is a good alternative for those looking for a speaker that is marketed in Spain with good sound quality and at a reasonable price. Although wireless, it is important to note that for magnetic levitation to work it must be connected to the current. You can buy it on Amazon for 160 euros.


Crazybaby’s Mars, which managed to go to market through Indiegogo, is the benchmark for quality among levitated speakers. It has an autonomy of 8 hours and the audio quality is very good. It also includes a microphone and is also waterproof.

This is not marketed in Spain either, but Amazon USA shipments are international in this case; shipping costs can end up being very high, that s. The base price is $ 330.


Sooall is one of the best speakers with magnetic levitation marketed in Spain. It stands out because offers wireless charging and control are gestures. The sound is of very good quality, and also includes a microphone for calls. You can buy it on Amazon for 228 euros.

Excelvan F18

The Excelvan F18 is the cheapest alternative among all these speakers. The audio slackens a little when it comes to reproducing the lowest bass, it promises a autonomy of between 4 and 8 hours and, as a curious function, it includes lights with different modes, to enhance its aesthetics. It is for sale on Amazon for 86 euros.

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