The best online photo editors (IV) ”“ SumoPaint

We continue with the series of articles dedicated to image editors and, after talking about Picmonkey, Photo Raster and PhotoCat, we now turn to SumoPaint (

The versions

SumoPaint has a free web version at, from where we can upload images and edit them with a panel that, at first glance, is quite reminiscent of the one available in Photoshop.

In it we can create layers, add gradients, cut, indicate transparencies, clone sections, draw and many other actions without having to have a Pro account. When trying to apply some of the filters we see how, in fact, the upgrade in order to perform the operation.

SumoPaint also has a desktop version, available only to users who pay their premium service license, and an iPad version, available free on iTunes as a painting tool (not an editor) using some of the symmetry brushes and effects. available.

The price

As you can see in the table, the web version, without effects, is free and includes ads. Paying 9 dollars we have access to the Pro version, without advertising and with more than 35 effects available, while paying 19 dollars we can download and use the desktop version, made in Air and compatible with PC and Mac.

Editor and Effects

At this point it is quite different from the competition. SumoPaint offers brushes, shadow and perspective generating systems, symmetry effects and other applications that are not usually seen in tools of this type.

In this one-minute video, you can see some of the things that can be done:

As an editor it is quite effective, although it is nothing innovative (nothing we have not seen with Photo Raster). It allows to perform the actions quite quickly, something that is appreciated in a web environment and the work with layers is very good, but if you want to discover the possibilities of SumoPaint you will have to go through the box to open the filters.

The application is more oriented towards illustration (rather than editing), although it can help us easily remove objects and alter brightness, contrasts and tones. An advantage that it has with respect to Photo Raster is that it is not necessary to register to use it, and it can be opened immediately to make small alterations to any photo you want.

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