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We are not very assiduous to change the tools that we usually use, but it is also true that from time to time you can find some programs and tips that are extremely useful to handle our tasks. It wouldn’t hurt if we took a look at some of the best productivity apps and tools that are currently available. We are sure that you will get surprises.

My 1-3-5 List, simplifying tasks to the maximum

My 1-3-5 List It helps you with the tasks following a maxim: we write down one big thing, three medium ones and five small ones. Hala, you can go making and crossing them.

Official page | My 1-3-5 List

Carrot, give your personality lists

Carrot It is as simple as gaining experience as we complete the pending tasks. And we can level up.

Official page | Carrot

Wunderlist, the application par excellence for tasks

It contains different features to allow us to manage our chores in the simplest way. One of the most interesting app on the market.

Official page | Wunderlist

Teux-deux, a visually appealing application

Visually attractive, but at the same time very simple. That’s right Teux-deux.

Official page | Teux-deux

Bullet Journal, writing as always

Bullet Journal it is a fairly simple way of doing things. Basically, writing the tasks by hand, in a notebook. Although you also have a program at your disposal.

Official page | Bullet Journal

Today.txt, taking notes without distractions

Today.txt means that we write down our tasks in the notebook. But using the Internet, of course.

Official page | Today.txt

A Post It when you don’t need software

As simple as putting it all in one Post It or a paper note. Be careful with this method! It may come up short.

Evernote, the quintessential notepad

Evernote is the quintessential note-taking app. Several notebooks, format, saved offline Features that are also expanding.

Official page | Evernote

Trello, seeing it all at a glance

Trello puts all your notes on the screen, being able to take a look at them in just a few seconds. A very successful method.

Official page | Trello

Asana, communication for teams

Asana It is a program that aims for teams to share their own notes. And the truth is that it succeeds.

Official page | Asana

Get It Done helps you in 15 minutes

Get it done promises to become geniuses using only 15 minutes a day of your life. An interesting book.

Purchase of the book | Get it done

Pomodoro, manage your time efficiently

The technique Pomodoro It is based on the fact that we work doing small tasks, and not following a strict schedule. Many recommend it.

Official page | The Pomodoro Technique

Kanban, take advantage of your time

Kanban It is visual, dividing the tasks into columns, but powerful enough for us to focus on what we have to do. Another technique to consider.

Official page | Kanban staff

Now we ask you: which do you use?These may be the best apps and productivity tools or have we left any of them out?

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