The best space exploration simulator

simulador de exploración espacial

The universe is one of the most difficult concepts to deal with. Conceiving our own existence in relation to the space around us is a challenge that humanity has been facing since its inception.

Curiously, one of the certainties that we have today is that The more we know our universe the more doubts it offers us. Luckily we have this incredible space exploration simulator. Here at Omicrono, true to our motto The best of the Internet and technology. Open your mindWe try to collaborate very humbly in the work of thousands of professionals who dedicate their lives to understanding and opening our minds to this reality. That is why today we speak to you about SpaceEngine, a project that aspires to change radically your conception of the universe.

The universe like you’ve never seen it before

SpaceEngine is a free simulatoravailable for Windows systems. We can virtually navigate the universe, from our own planet to any galaxy and scan nebulae, stars, planetary systems, comets, or anything else that catches our attention. Take it easy those who suffer from vertigo, because it is not cheap to explore the universe with several hundreds of millions of light years per second

We are facing a software that does not require great technical requirements and has a very simple installer, this together with the flexible and intuitive navigation tools that it presents, make this project a jewel that not go unnoticed among our regular readers. In case we have not convinced you yet, we leave you with a small sample of what SpaceEngine offers us:

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