The best technological toys you can give away this holiday season

The best technological toys you can give away this holiday season

We are only a few days away from Christmas, a time when many are in real trouble deciding what gifts to give to their families.

If you have young children, don’t worry! At Omicrono we come to help you with a list of best selling toys on Amazon.

The best-selling toys on Amazon

  • Virus!:for 14.95 on Amazon
  • Double: by 14.39 on Amazon
  • The Bellies Bobby-Boo: for 64.95 on Amazon
  • Lol Surprise Under Wraps: for 27.95 on Amazon
  • IMC Toys Bebs Llorones Lala Mueca: for 37.50 on Amazon
  • Pyramid of the Faran Playmobil: for 51.60 on Amazon
  • Cluedo: for 19.99 on Amazon
  • Slime Factory: for 34.95 on Amazon
  • Gestures: by 16.18 on Amazon
  • The joker dentist: by 15.46 on Amazon
  • Twister: for 16.99 on Amazon
  • Limo Shaker: by 11.06 on Amazon
  • Jungle Speed: for 19.95 on Amazon
  • Elite Nerf Disruptor: by 13.58 on Amazon
  • I learn to read: by 17.75 on Amazon
  • Party & Co: by 26.82 on Amazon
  • LEGO Harry Potter (Hogwarts Great Hall): For 105.99 on Amazon
  • Gorjuss Designer: for 15.99 on Amazon
  • True or false?: for 24.94 on Amazon
  • Chicco First Bike: for 26.99 on Amazon
  • Antn Zampn: for 27.95 on Amazon
  • Pinypon Story House: by 36.26 at Amazon
  • Face Splash: for 24.85 on Amazon
  • Interactive earth globe: for 68.60 on Amazon
  • Barbie Fiat Car: by 49.91 on Amazon

The most interesting technological toys

Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2

The smart watch for kids with a double Kidizoom camera. It also incorporates a touch screen, video, photos, recorder, photo retouching, face detector, games, etc. It is for sale for a price of 69.96 .

Buy the Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 here

Cyber ​​Robot Clementoni

An ideal option for those who want to start the little ones in the world of electronics. They will ride the robot with a Bluetooth module and four game modes. There is also the possibility of program the robot manually. The toy is for sale by 32.95 .

Buy here the Cyber ​​Robot Clementoni


The little ones in the house can take their first steps in electronics with more than 175 projects. Create alarms, flying saucers, propellers, and more. Electrocefa is for sale by 41.23 .

Kidizoom Duo 5.0

A digital photo camera for children. This has 10 functions and a forward target of 5 megapixels. The device is for sale by 69.99 .

Buy here Kidizoom Duo 5.0

GPS Laser Combat Recoil

A game of laser guns that combines fun, action, strategy and sport with an app that allows you to geolocate enemies and play anywhere. Recoil is for sale by 89.99 .

Buy here GPS Laser Combat Recoil

Robot Mind Designer

Thanks to this robot it is possible learn to code different movements. The toy has voice control and an app to learn how to program by blocks. Robot Mind Designer is for sale by 49.88.

Buy the Robot Mind Designer here

My Robot Builder

My Robot Builder is a toy that can be assembled in different ways using 978 blocks, wheels and chains to create various shapes. The toy is for sale by 96 .

Buy the My Robot Builder here

Robomaker Clementoni

The little ones in the house can assemble your own robot with different mechanical parts, motors, infrared sensors and a speaker. Until 5 robots which will serve to better understand programming and coding with the help of the app. The toy is for sale by 73.99.

Buy here Robomaker Clementoni

Storio MAX Tablet

The Storio MAX is a multifunction tablet focused on children. It has an inch touch screen, a rotating camera for videos and 19 integrated apps. It is for sale for a price of 118.99.

Buy here Tablet Storio MAX

Robot Car Kit ELEGOO

An educational kit to learn about Arduino programming, assembly of electronic components and robotics. The ELEGOO kit has multiple modes, such as infrared control, auto-go, obstacle avoidance, and line tracking modes. The product is for sale by 71.99 .

Buy the ELEGOO Robot Car Kit here

KidiCom MAX

KidiCom is a kind of smart mobile for children. The little ones will be able to exchange vox messages, text, photos, drawings and emoticons. The device also makes it possible to take photos, selfies, videos, play games, listen to music, visit web pages in a secure browser and much more. KidiCom is for sale by 115.99 .

Buy the KidiCom MAX here

Featured Photo: Suzy Hazelwood on Pxhere

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