The best Twitter clients for Windows now that Tweetdeck is dead

The best Twitter clients for Windows now that Tweetdeck is dead

After the death of Tweetdeck for Windows, the Twitter for Windows client landscape has been left behind. These are some of the best apps left.

Until recently, if you were looking for a Twitter client for Windows, there was no question about which one to choose: Tweetdeck. He was by far the best customer, but sadly Twitter will stop giving continuity to the desktop application. It is true that you can always use the web version of the same client, but if you are looking for a native client, you have to find an alternative.

The official Twitter application for Windows is probably the worst Twitter experience that has ever come out of the hands of the company itself (and that other official clients such as Android are also quite bad), so using the official client is not an option you should consider. Instead you have some considerably more interesting clients.


Tweetium is a universal application that you can find in the Windows store. Its design is quite original, since instead of allowing the timeline to move vertically, the transfer is horizontal. Show tweets in the form of cards, putting the newest ones on the left. It has a fairly functional free version, but there are several functions that are paid (2.99): Tweetmarker, push notifications and support for several accounts (up to seven).

Tweetium on the Windows Store


If you come from Tweetdeck and don’t want to adapt to a new way of using Twitter, Fenice is probably your best alternative. Just like in Tweetdeck, Fenice displays the information in columns: one with the timeline, one with mentions and one with DMs. Its star function is interactive notifications, thanks to which you can reply, retweet or like mentions without even opening the app.

Fenice for Twitter on the Windows Store (€ 1.99)

Tweet it!

Tweet it !, like Fenice, is a client by columns, with the small difference that this allows you to choose what information appears in each column, instead of having fixed predetermined columns. In general, its functionality is very poor compared to that of Fenice, but it is a good alternative if being able to customize the columns is a priority for you.

Tweet it! for Windows in the Windows Store (2.99 euros)

The truth is that none of these clients reach the level of Tweetdeck, but they are quite competent alternatives with which to get a good Twitter experience. Perhaps the death of Tweetdeck even animates the landscape of Twitter clients for Windows.

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