The COVID-19 rules at every airport in the world

Many airports in the world have begun to open their doors. The number of flights is still very limited, the destinations are very restricted, and in constant evaluation to change the rules depending on the evolution of the pandemic that we are suffering around the world.

While flights within Europe begin to be possible, those that go to or return to countries such as the United States or Brazil, remain canceled. The companies usually offer vouchers of 1 or 2 years, since many of them cannot return the money of our tickets, and the physical places are usually closed or very limited to avoid more people than desirable.

The fact is that if you need to go to a specific airport, it is better that you inform yourself well about what can and cannot be done, and for this there is already a website that can help with the matter.

It is about, a portal that collects information from different airports in the world to report on the situation.

If we search for Barcelona, ​​for example, we obtain the following information:

As you can see, it is broad and proven information, although they do not offer data on the airports that are closed or those that do not have an established protocol defined for this situation we are going through.

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