The creators of Doom and Quake want $ 700,000 to make their next game

In kickstarter it is normal to see projects related to the world of video games. They are usually small studios with a good idea, and they usually ask for a few tens of thousands of dollars to make their first version.

What we see now is much higher: 700,000 dollars to see the next game from the creators of Doom, a game that was installed on more computers than Windows 95 during the 90s, and whose managers, also creators of Quake, have created the project BlackRoom.

They present it as a new first-person shooter, similar to Doom and Quake, but in this case with a much more modern theme: a future where holograms are normal, and where people, who live in that virtual reality, begin to see strange things within your digital world.

With 31 days pending campaign they already have more than 80,000 dollars accumulated, but the final product we will only see, in case the campaign is successful, in winter 2018, so it is clear that at the moment they have only made some drawings on paper, no real prototype.

As an advantage, they comment that, being a hologram, the character can carry as many weapons as he wants, a good idea they have had so that realism does not destroy flexibility during the game.

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