The "Cybunker" arrives, a specially designed Tesla car garage

The "Cybunker" arrives, a specially designed Tesla car garage

Few vehicles have sparked as much debate and anticipation as the Tesla Cybertruck. With a unique design on the market and performance that could make things difficult for manufacturers focused on gasoline and diesel, we could say that the Cybertruck has already achieved the goal of changing the conversation.

The most controversial aspect is, without a doubt, its design. Its straight lines and oblique angles contrast with the rounded shapes of all its future rivals, and with the rest of the Tesla models.

It’s one of those things that either you love or hate there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. And if you are going to buy a Cybertruck for its shapes, why not completely bet on this design philosophy?

A Tesla car garage

This is what Lars Bro must have thought, a design agency in New York that has taken little time to propose a building inspired by the lines of the Cybertruck. It is called Cybunker, and it is a two-seat garage designed especially for our Tesla.

The name Cybunker is sure to attract as much criticism as Cybertruck, as it is not technically a “bunker”, a war structure designed for the protection of soldiers. But the idea, and the utilitarian design, are similar. Also the materials, since it is made of steel and reinforced glass.

The first thing that catches your eye is the forms of construction, of course; They mimic those of the Cybertruck, but they also serve a purpose. And it is that the Cybunker was not only inspired by the vehicle, but also by its needs; the Cybertruck is large and does not fit into most traditional garages.

The proposal of this agency is to create a space designed to store not only our truck, but also another Tesla car that we may have, such as a Model S. The Cybunker not only has space for both, with 55 square meters, but also everything necessary to recharge them.

For this last, it has the help of a roof full of solar panels; Remember that Tesla also offers solar panel installations in the US since it bought the startup Solar City.

This could have been called “cybergarage,” but in Lars Bro they relied on the word “bunker” to make it clear that it offers a “highest level of protection,” maintaining features like panoramic glass-reinforced windows (like those of the truck).

It could be installed both in the city and in difficult environments like deserts; It even has enough space to install an apartment. With a door with a watertight compartment, it would be possible to enter and exit the building allowing a “safe transition”.

It is evident that this project will be within the reach of only a privileged few, but it is precisely these that will first achieve the Cybertruck. At the moment there are no concrete plans for the construction of this garage.

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