The device that translates any printed text into Braille

The device that translates any printed text into Braille

A team at MIT is working integrally to finish this device capable of translating text into Braille.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an electronic device capable of translating written or printed text into Braille(the system for visually impaired people to be able to write or read).

The low-cost device, which offers live translation services (it is a kind of Google Word Lens, but in physical format and not in application), is postulated as a solution to the accessibility problems of people with disabilities, who have to suffer, on many occasions, the little adaptation to prepared systems.

Tactile, which is what this is calledgadget, recognizes text using cameras. So hesoftware internal passes it to digital text by means of digital recognition. Then it displays it on a braille display so that it can be read by hand.

From text to braille easily

It really is not a screen itself, it is something much simpler; there are a series of pins voluntarily attached to a mechanism that go up or down at the mercy ofsoftware who controls Tactile. So that’s how someone can read braille with this device.

The big problem they face is the poor ability to display many characters on it. When finished it is expected to be able to display up to two lines of text. It is even intended for you to read the whole page at once. It will also be possible to adjust the reading speed.

The final prototype, which would be more functional than the current one and very similar torender from the image below, it is expected to be ready for early 2018. The developer team’s intention is to have a price below $ 200.

Braille was devised in 1825. Since then, few changes have suffered. It could be, therefore, the first time in 192 years that it has undergone an update, or better said; Or rather, the first time in 192 years that this field has been innovated. In addition, it must be added that the creation of braille text is not cheap; A machine capable of printing braille is not exactly cheap.

However, this very rudimentary but necessary system is experiencing a decline caused directly by accessibility systems using audio. This is, for example, the use of mobile telephones or the incorporation of a sound assistance system that is being installed in many parts.

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