The diving humanoid robot already in its first real missions

The robot OceanOne It was not initially designed to carry out archaeological missions and s to monitor corals. The project was born at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia to analyze the coral deep in the Red Sea, since OceanOne managed to go 2,000 meters down without question, but ended up contacting Stanford University so that, based on the idea, a new robotic interface system was developed.

It is an underwater robot about the size of a human, capable of being remotely controlled quite intuitively, as it has two arms, as well as 3D vision. OceanOne is designed to maneuver precisely in tight spaces using eight thrusters, and can autonomously remain stable in currents.

The grimaces have force sensors, and now they intend to put touch sensors on each finger. The ultimate goal is to allow him to analyze without destroying anything, to be strong and delicate at the same time, and the human form helps in that matter, much more than a huge box with two arms.

OceanOne's first mission was La Lune, a ship from the time of Louis XIV that is 100 meters deep in the south of France. Humans have not been very successful with the exploration of La Lune, and OceanOne has been able to help a lot, as we see in the video:

On you can find a complete report talking about OceanOne and its possibilities, a new way of getting to know better what exists in the depths of the oceans. Still it is important to note that at the moment it is only a prototype.

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