The dress that strips us as we share information online

The dress that strips us as we share information online

It has been proven that we are not really aware of the large amount of personal information that ends up on the Internet, either because we share it voluntarily or because our privacy is violated. And what better tactic to raise awareness of this problem than by undressing people? From this is born 3D printed cors that connects with our smartphone to reveal more and more skin as our information reaches the network.

Nude not only before the network

In this way, its creators want to send the message that we have less and less control over our information, and that we can end up naked and vulnerable to anyone. Either that, or it’s the most elaborate arctic game we’ve seen in a long time.

Jokes aside, the artist relied on a mobile app and a server that collected data on his device, which he then used to generate a honeycomb-shaped 3D structure, in which each intersection corresponds to the location data obtained. This is the structure that is printed to create the dress, but the most important detail remains: a display that reacts by changing opacity depending on the electrical load that passes through it.

The information leaves the mobile app to the server, which passes the total volume of data being relayed through Bluetooth to an Arduino device; based on that the device varies the load and the opacity of the dress changes.

Source | x.pose | DesignBoom

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