The easiest way to create a to-do list and share it

There are a huge number of options that we can use to create to-do lists and share them with other people.

From Google Keep (more for notes) to todoist, there is a sector in constant movement, mainly since Wunderlist passed to a better life in the hands of Microsoft.

Be that as it may, on many occasions we look for something simpler: a list of things that we can share with another person and that does not need to create accounts, no records or facilities.

For that, appears, a website in which we only have to enter, name the list and include the things we must do. Without registration or installation of any app (although it is possible to register to save the lists created), everything we do will be saved in a unique link available at the bottom.

Once the list is finished, we can send the link to it to another person, so that she sees the same thing as us, can add things and edit them, as well as include images (less than 2 megabytes) in each element (ideal for shopping lists).

Anyone who has the link to the list can mark the items as done, and there is no control of actions or history. It is something simple for the day to day, without reports or statistics, so you do not expect to have it to control anyone’s work and to avoid having to look for options when all we want is to have a list that can be erased as it is complete.

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