The fastest WiFi connection on the market will come with the next iPhone and Apple Glass

The fastest WiFi connection on the market will come with the next iPhone and Apple Glass

Apple’s future plans may go through wearables, given the tremendous success that their current devices are having. Both Apple Watch and AirPdos are selling so much that Apple may even have trouble keeping up with demand.

Developing more hardware apart from mobile phones and tablets can be key to Apple remaining one of the most valuable companies in the world. And for this, you will have no choice but to expand to new devices.

That Apple is developing augmented reality glasses is not new news; We have been talking about this possibility since last September. But it is now that we are seeing more clues, and the last one is perhaps the most interesting.

The fastest WiFi connection

According to a leak of Macotakara, the key is in the next iPhone and specifically, in the new standard that they could implement: WiFi 802.11ay. This type of wireless connection would be the fastest WiFi on the market, reaching transfer rates of 176 Gbps; But although it sounds incredible, there are good reasons why not many manufacturers are betting on this standard.

The new connection would be ideal for streaming video Qualcomm

Unlike the new WiFi 6, which is limited to about 4.8 Gbps by using the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, the same as current routers, WiFi 802.11a is based on the 60 GHz band to achieve transfer speeds from another world.

The implicit problem of using a band like the 60 GHz band is that the signal loses range, and it is especially difficult for it to pass walls. That is why it is unlikely that you will use this technology in your home; But I do know that it opens the door to new devices with much higher transfer rates, such as mobile phones and wearables.

For iPhone and Apple Glass

The next iPhone 12 may include WiFi 802.11a compatibility, according to these rumors; and that, no matter how you look at it, it is too soon. The standard is not even completely finished. The reason for such a rush is that Apple wants that to be the method of communication between the iPhone and the upcoming apple glass.

Apple’s augmented reality glasses could display information superimposed directly on the glass; This will avoid having to take the phone out of your pocket, enjoying high-resolution content such as maps, photos or videos. The possibilities are enormous, but the bandwidth required to pass all that data from the mobile to the glasses is great. This is where WiFi 802.11a will come in, since the glasses won’t use Bluetooth.

At the moment these are rumors, but if they come true they can be groundbreaking.

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