The Google app for homework is now available in Spanish

Socratic by Google is one of those essential applications that you cannot miss in your educational toolkit.

This app uses Google’s artificial intelligence to help students solve almost any problem in physics, algebra, biology, chemistry, history, literature, among other subjects. And now, it is already available in Spanish.

If you have never used the app, don’t worry, it has a very simple dynamic. You can use your voice, the mobile camera or simply write a text to specify what problem you want to solve.

Once you send your message or image, Socratic will search for results on the web that solve your problem. For example, you can take a photograph of a mathematical exercise so that the application shows you the step to solve the problem. Or you can record a question to find out some fact about history or literature.

And if you want, you can try specifying in your query the type of content you want to be shown in the results, for example, videos about photosynthesis. In the results, the app will first show you the highest match and then other content that it considers relevant to your query.

It will show you a fragment of the content that specifically answers your question with the option to read the rest of the information on the source platform. It is an excellent dynamic that will save you a lot of time searching for information on the web.

And it is also an interesting alternative for parents who take care of the safety of their children when they use the Internet. The application already filters the results showing only those educational results relevant to the query. To test the dynamics of Socratic it is only necessary to log in with a Google account.

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