The Google Assistant adds functions to facilitate online learning

The Google Assistant is adding new features to help families get organized on this different back to school.

Add new types of reminders to make online learning and new activities effortless part of your family routine.

One of the new functions is called Family Bell and it allows you to schedule reminders about some type of family activity that will be part of the routine. Or it can be an activity that the little ones in the house have, and that needs the coordination of the whole family, for example, study time, homework delivery, online class, etc.

And of course, it can be an excellent alternative for those households that have a planned study routine, since they can schedule reminders of the type, time for story class or recess time, etc. So parents can use it as the school bell or bell.

This new type of reminder is created and managed from the same Google Assistant application. The app will guide users to create and set them as recurring reminders specifying day and time. You will find some reminders as a template, but each user can customize it according to their needs. And of course, you can also use a command like Hey Google

All these reminders will sound on all devices connected with the Google Assistant such as smart displays or speakers. Some devices will show visuals dedicated to the little ones and their schoolwork, as you can see in the image above.

In this first stage, the Family Bell function is available in English and only for a few countries, and they have not yet mentioned when it will be extended to our territory. And a bonus that this update of the Google Assistant brings is the possibility of specifying to which room of the house a voice message should be played. Instead of ringing in all rooms with compatible devices, it will only play in a certain place.

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