The growth of Twitter, constant opportunities # infographic

That Twitter has become an indispensable social platform for small and medium businesses is more than evident. That it is specifically on Twitter where new opportunities derived from trends (summation of opinions, finally) are created and stop daily, which consolidate new and constant niche doors and successful businesses, is also true.

The vertiginous growth of the social network leaves no one indifferent and, today more than ever, faced with the unstoppable penetration of the mobile Web in our habits and customs, Twitter continues to be the link between an online world and an offline world, each fused again.

Twitter feeds on content, information but in simultaneous action, it exposes it, shares it, makes it ultimately available to all users, thereby achieving the constant appearance of new, creative and planned, efficient marketing strategies.

It is finally what the microblogging social network is, an efficient platform for the implementation of marketing strategies and an inexhaustible source of information and news in real time.

A very interesting infographic created by Infografa Labs, invites us to analyze the way in which the digital culture imposed by Twitter has already been incorporated into our DNA. Twitter is today an indispensable communication tool.

Although it still exists, fewer and fewer people feel identified in that Wwwhatsnew title that read: brands abandon Twitter for not understanding how it works. Today more and more tweets, re-tweets and mentions are part of the collective consciousness. And more and more, users interact on Twitter from their mobile terminals, a new twist for the social network that, according to some currents of opinion, must reinvent itself if it wants to continue being one of the 4 social giants.

History of Twitter, an unstoppable trajectory

The growth of Twitter yields very relevant information for brands that are focusing their efforts on the microblogging social network. The turning point was undoubtedly marked by the Yes we can of Obajma, where the staging of what could be achieved by uniting people was a before and after in the uses that are given to the social network of 140 characters.

Today the social network has 33 billion daily tweets made by 100 million active users.

The most active countries on Twitter, new channels, new markets

From the analysis of the countries with the greatest presence on Twitter, very interesting figures emerge, not only in terms of marketing, but also in relation to the analysis of the evolution of the new production model, essential for the social economy that we are consolidating. The United States continues to lead the participation in Twitter, followed by Brazil and Japan, emerging economies are leaders in new technologies and their application to business. Very powerful information especially for small and medium-sized companies looking to open new channels and markets.

The most Tweeted moments what motivates virality?

The entertainment, the playful aspect and the famous, central axes of the interaction on Twitter. From the analysis of the 5 most tweeted moments, we can extract very relevant information that confirms the reason why social networks are very powerful platforms for identifying opportunities; entertainment, celebrity tracking, sports, are the tweets that accumulate the highest activity per second. Virality in its purest essence!

Why do we tweet, the specific weight of the impact

We are particularly interested in the reasons why content is purchased from you. An overwhelming majority focus on how interesting it is. 92% of users who link to content that arouses their interest. Original, elaborate, analytical, creative, entertaining, formative.

Humor, benefits, commitment to sharing, and celebrity follow-up are the reasons content gets re-tweeted. Areas of interest, needs and interests at the service of brands, again hand in hand with metrics.

Creating our own network

Word of mouth emerges again as the indispensable nexus of social action, 69% of users on Twitter follow those who are suggested by their contacts. Online searches follow with 47%, which shows that the current consumer is influenced by the opinions expressed on the Internet. The importance of corporate reputation acquires a greater specific weight, if we analyze the growth of Twitter and that moves users has to turn unstoppably the engine of social action. When we seek to create our own network on Twitter, what the network says and what our followers say is what matters!

Some figures plus projections, revenue and growth

Finally, the infographic gives us some data from Twitter that allows us to get an idea of ​​the growth that the microblogging social network will continue to experience, the undisputed protagonist of the jump and integration of the social phenomenon in the real world and, the undisputed leader of social action in the Mobile web.

Beyond the astronomical projections that are expected to be achieved through publicity, we want to focus on participation; 1 million accounts daily, 11 accounts every second. Can we imagine the amount of opportunities that are waiting for us?

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