The guide to keyboard shortcuts between Windows and Mac

The guide to keyboard shortcuts between Windows and Mac

You just changed your operating system and you have no idea what keyboard shortcuts you can use? This guide to Windows keyboard shortcuts on Mac can help you.

LKeyboard shortcuts are a key element of productivity. with the computer. What you would otherwise do by moving your hand to the mouse and making one or even several clicks, you can do without taking your hands off the keyboard.

When it comes to this, switching systems can be a problem, as most keyboard shortcuts change too. This guide explains how are Windows keyboard shortcuts on Mac, and vice versa. So you can work equally quickly with both systems.

A quick little trick

In many cases, keyboard shortcuts on Windows and Mac have only a little difference: the shortcuts that in Windows they use Control (Ctrl) in Mac they use Command (Cmd). If at any time you don’t remember a shortcut, try that little change and it will likely work.

System shortcuts

These are some of the basic shortcuts to manage applications and move around the system desktops, both in Windows and Mac.

  • To close an application: in Windows we use Alt + F4 and in Cmd + Q. In this way we close the open program in the foreground.
  • Task manager: in Windows we use Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the menu through which we can access the task manager. On Mac we use Cmd + Option + Esc to directly open the manager.
  • Change application: to open the task viewer and change application, we can use Alt + Tab in Windows and Cmd + Tab in Mac.
  • Switch desktop: Now that with Windows 10 we also have virtual desktops in Windows, we can use keyboard shortcuts for this feature on both systems. On Mac we press Ctrl + Left / Right Arrow to change desktop and in Windows Ctrl + Windows + Left / Right Arrow.
  • Minimize window: in Windows we use Alt + space + N and in Mac Cmd + M.

Shortcuts for text editing

Keyboard shortcuts when editing text are particularly useful, since it is when we are typing that we have the most time on the keyboard. The text editing keyboard shortcuts are very similar between both systems.

  • Ctrl + A / Cmd + A: select all the text.
  • Ctrl + X / Cmd + X: cut.
  • Ctrl + C / Cmd + C: copy.
  • Ctrl + V / Cmd + V: paste.
  • Ctrl + Z / Cmd + Z: undo.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z / Cmd + Shift + Z: redo.
  • Ctrl + Del / Option + Del: delete the previous word.

Shortcuts when browsing

Most web browsers have a number of common keyboard shortcuts that change, that is, depending on the system they work on.

  • Ctrl + F / Cmd + F: to search for text within a page.
  • Ctrl + Tab / Cmd + Right / Left Arrow: change tab.
  • Ctrl + T / Cmd + T: open new tab.
  • Ctrl + W / Cmd + W: close tab in the foreground.
  • Ctrl + L / Cmd + L: start typing in the URL bar.

What keyboard shortcuts do you use? Is there a shortcut you know of that works on Windows or Mac but lacks an equivalent on the other system?

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