The hard drive is full? Windows 10 can make you save space

The hard drive is full? Windows 10 can make you save space

Data storage is usually not a problem on desktop computers, but it is on laptops and tablets, where it is limited and changing is somewhat expensive. Therefore, Microsoft is always looking for solutions to try to expand it. Now, has found a very interesting method for it: uploading the files that we rarely use to the cloud.

This new method to free up space on our computer is very smart, if we think about it. If we stop to think about it, How many files on our computer do we practically never use? Without them, we would probably even have twice as much space, in some cases. That is the idea on which Microsoft is based to develop this novelty.

Windows 10 use the cloud to save space

And those files will go to the universal garbage dump: the cloud. It is a function that we already have in OneDrive: we can use files that we don’t really have on our computer; now, simply be extended to all Windows. An icon of an image for example will take us to the image stored in OneDrive; Although we did not even realize it, because it will open normally.

storage sense save space on windows 10 using the cloud

The new feature, Storage Sense, automatically upload all files that have not been used for more than 30 days, depending on how the user has configured the function. Microsoft has called this dehydration.

windows 10 cloud storage to gain space storage sense

But this will only be done automatically in the event that our computer is almost full. That is, in those who have an empty disk, for example, everything will work as usual. It is to save space, not to earn more. At the same time, delete the temporary files and the cache when we also have little available storage to use.

The question is, when will we see this functionality on our computer? We still do not know for sure, but since it has already been received by users of the Insider program (where the first Windows tests are carried out before launching anything), it will probably come with the big update of autumn.

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