The hoax of «How to know who has seen my profile on Facebook»

Keep in mind that more than likely, there may be people who enter our Facebook profile to know a little more about us, see what we share and observe all kinds of personal information, but this view we cannot know, Facebook hides it.

During the last years a supposed little simple trick has been spreading, which worked at the beginning, a long time ago, and that allows to see the profiles of those people who had visited our profile on this social network.

Currently there is no native function of the website to know which people enter our profile to snoop, especially since the same platform has commented many times that, thanks to its security system, it is practically impossible to do so.

The trick is to search the code for the word friendslist, press Enter and wait for various red codes to be displayed, which in general should have a structure similar to 76543210-2.

The profiles of the friends almost all ended in 2, so looking at next to the user’s user code (without the -2 we are talking about) in the search bar, you could your profile will appear.

For years, Facebook eliminated this possibility, so that the tricks that appear, both in articles and in videos, only refer to something that is no longer active.

Observation: We have altered the content of this article to reflect the reality in 2021. If there are changes in the future, we will report it.

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