The huge study of Artificial Intelligence that will last 100 years

AIs can already identify what we are doing in a photo

The consequences of developing so-called Artificial Intelligence are still unknown, and perhaps that is why they are so scary; even for people living in the future like Elon Musk to warn us about them.

Waiting for true Artificial Intelligence

Stanford University now wants to take advantage of being on the front lines of AI development to take a look at the future of technology and what it will mean for our lives. And not to be a study that lasts a few months and which we will forget for weeks, no. Be all a hundred-year-long grand project Some of the brightest minds in the field, present and future, will pass through.

artificial intelligence robot

AI100, which is what the project is called, seeks to understand how machines can perceive, learn and even reason and how we will be affected. Although focusing on benefits, this project will also have an eye on possible problems we may encounter as a civilization before the arrival of AI, but they prefer to be optimistic.

Especially since there is no turning back; All the development achieved so far can only serve to keep going, and the key is to control the path that is followed. That’s why scientists from Harvard, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford itself have signed up for the project.

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