The human body as an electric battery

Recently, a technology developed by Mithras Technology has given rise to talk, since it contemplates taking advantage of the heat emanating from the human body to use it as a thermoelectric generator that allows the charging of wearables, as well as other electronic devices.

What if an elderly person who relies on hearing aids to support their hearing could have the ability to purchase ones that work autonomously, without requiring maintenance or changing the tiny batteries every two weeks?

Well, the Mithras Technology team seems to have the answer to this question in which Franco Membrini and Moritz Thielen, its founders, have set as a mission to manufacture devices that work with ecological and decentralized energy, obtaining it from the human body.

In this sense, the human body has the capacity to generate an estimated 100 watts of thermal energy, with a large part of this being channeled by the immediate environment. This is where Mithras wants to step in and use that wasted energy to his advantage and turn it into electricity using thermoelectric generators (TEG).

In this sense, a part of the TEG will remain in contact with the body and the rest with the environment. In this way, a temperature difference between the two parts of the device is generated, which can be used by it to convert it into electricity and use it to power a battery.

TEGs will have the ability to produce energy even when the existing temperature difference is only one degree. These days the founders together with the Mithras Technology team are working on the creation of prototypes.

On the other hand, this project is based on a doctoral thesis by Thielen who obtained a doctorate in micro and nanosystems at the ETH in Zrich, being one of the few to have achieved it.

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