The invention that allows elderly people to communicate with their grandchildren without problems

Yayagram is a curious invention, which these days is attracting attention, since it allows older people to establish communications with their grandchildren without the need for smart phones or other electronic devices that may be difficult for them to use due to their advanced age.

Behind this solution is Manuel Lucio, a 35-year-old burgals, who has made use of his technical knowledge, taking into account that he is also a computer engineer, to develop it as a definitive solution to the difficulties he has had to date to be in contact with her 96-year-old grandmother.

Bridging the gap between different generations

For it has been based on a Raspberry Pi 4, on the Telegram messaging service and an application developed in Python. Also, you have spent about two weeks on the whole development process, and the cost of all the material used does not reach 120 eurosWith the exception of the first Rasperry Pi board, which was damaged in a welding process.

On his Twitter profile, Manuel Lucio explain in a thread all the ins and outs of his development, in which he was looking for a device that was as simple as possible for the elderly.

With regard to them, the device only allows you to send voice messages by Telegram, just press a button and keep it pressed while sending the message through the microphone, releasing the button later, in addition to receiving the messages by physically printing them on thermal paper, such as dataphones in shops and restaurants.

In this regard, It has been tried to avoid the use of screens or speakers, opting for a small thermal paper printer to facilitate the accessibility of the received messages.

And the choice of the person to talk to is done via a jack cable connection, similar to that of the Netflix series Las Chicas del Cable., being able to choose any of the people, or all, represented in a single jack.

Regarding the choice of Telegram, he points out that I have not used WhatsApp because it was tremendous pitote to use WhatsApp business, very complicated and it is a book, so Telegram has not only given him fewer headaches, but also has more features, and he has found a library on GitHub that works perfectly..

For now he does not intend to commercialize it, but rather to improve some aspects to seek the greatest simplicity possible for the elderly. Also consider that anyone with minimal knowledge of computer science and programming could make a similar device.

Overwhelmed by the success of his device, he indicates in his profile that he is willing to help anyone who needs it. For now he feels happy since he installed the device on his grandmother this past Sunday.

Image Credit: Manuel Lucio

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