The largest floating solar plant in Europe will be in the United Kingdom

The largest floating solar plant in Europe will be in the United Kingdom

Taking advantage of the Queen Isabell II reservoir in London, the largest floating solar plant in Europe.

Projects to generate renewable energy continue to increase, all for a slightly cleaner future and free from the use of fossil fuels, although it will be more difficult to get rid of 100% of them.

The last engineering project to be built, one of those that is worth knowing for its immensity, will be in London: a array of solar panels, the largest in the history of Europe.

A floating solar park on the Tmesis

To replace 100% fossil fuels with clean energy Physical space is needed, of course, but a few months ago we will see how that space is not as immense as we might think if we consider that, in the case of solar energy, thousands, millions of solar cells could be placed in all homes and roofs. is what Elon Musk’s good guy dreams of.

After 5 years of construction, the largest floating solar park in Europe will open in London, specifically in the Queens Elisabeth II reservoir, about 30 kilometers from London. In total, the matrix is ​​formed by 23,000 photovoltaic panels floating on the water thanks to more than 60,000 platforms and anchors.

In total size, the largest solar park in Europe will have some 128 hectares, a perimeter of 4.3 kilometers (representing 6% of the total surface of the reservoir). When in operation, the plant will be able to generate almost 6 million kilowatt hours, being able to supply electricity to some 1,800 households for one year, however, the objective of this plant will be another: feed water treatment plants that are nearby and that in turn generate supply for millions of households.

Far from the largest floating solar plant in the world

It is a great step for Europe to have such facilities, but it is far below the one being built in Japan. About 80 kilometers from Tokyo there will be a huge area of ​​more than 180,000 square meters, with 51,000 solar panels to supply almost 5,000 homes.

And if we are talking about terrestrial solar power plants, we have to mention that of Morocco, with half a million mirrorsand more than $ 9 billion in budget. Brutal.

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