The legend of the constellation Ophiuchus, the serpent hunter

The legend of the constellation Ophiuchus, the serpent hunter

This week we put aside the constellation legends zodiacal and we pass to another quite well-known also: the Ophiuchus Constellation.

Although, as always, there various versionsI’m going to tell you about a character from the greek mythology, half-half-human god, whose exploits earned him the same god who killed him compensated by sending him to the stars.

Is about Asclepius, a demigod whose ability to raise the dead I felt pretty bad for Hades, who was forced to ask Zeus to kill him in order not to be out of a job.

Who was Ophiuchus?

According to one of the greek legends Trying to explain the origin of the constellation, Ophiuchus was merely Asclepius, the fruit of the relationships that took place between Apollo and the deadly Cornide after the god came down to the mortal world transformed into a swan.

From a very young age his father entrusted his education to centaur Quirn, which I already told you about in legend of sagittarius. The little boy became an outstanding student in everything he medicine refers to the point of being able to raise the dead. In addition, little by little he was creating a family of healers, since his wife and children also became true experts in medicine.

Ace; his wife, Eposes, calmed the pain, her children Higea, Panacea and Teseforo was symbols of prevention, treatment and convalescence and her two other children, Macan and Podalirio, were considered protectors of doctors and surgeons.

How did Asclepius become the Ophiuchus Constellation?

His promotion to the firmament was due to what today would be a clear case of labor intrusion. As I was saying, Asclepius gradually improved his healing arts until he became a true professional in the resurrection of the dead. This greatly concerned Hades, god of the underworld, since he had less and less work, so he decided to speak to Zeus, warning him that if things continued like this the underworld will be empty and the order of the world will be altered.

So the father of all the gods decided to end Asclepius’ life, killing him. with lightning. However, he was aware that his healing powers made him unique that he should be remembered forever, so he sent him to the stars, alongside his mentorQuirn. There, I formed the Ophiuchus constellation, surrounded by a snake, which was considered the symbol of renewed life.

Zeus’s way of acting is curious. I kill you, but I send you to the stars. Be that as it may, we appreciate the beauty of these stories and we hope that you will recreate them in your mind when you find yourself looking at the sky.

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