The Louvre Museum exhibits all its works on the Internet

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has limited our mobility but it has also demonstrated something we already know: the ability of the Internet to bring us closer to anything that is anywhere in the world.

We have seen this capacity in abundance in the field of culture, and we will continue to see it this way over time. As an example, we have the famous museum in Paris, the Louvre, which in these days has opened a new website where it is exhibiting all its works of art.

The alternative to face-to-face visits in times of pandemic

According to the press release issued by the entity a few days ago, users will not only be able to see the works that are currently exhibited to the public, since we will also have access to the works that are loaned to other institutions, and even those that are are currently in storage.

From the press release they describe the website as follows:

Designed to reach the widest possible audience, the new Louvre website is divided into three main sections: Visit, Explore and News. Focusing on the works in the collections and the sumptuous settings in which they are displayed, the site invites visitors to appreciate the ancient palace as they move from room to room.

In this regard, those responsible have given special consideration to users who access through mobile devices, although those interested will also be able to access the works available also from tablets and desktop computers.

In addition to the more than 480,000 works of art from national collections that are inventoried in eight museum departments, the About section further adds that:

The collections database also includes works called MNR (Muses Nationaux Rcupration, or recovery of national museums), recovered after the Second World War, recovered by the Office des Biens et Intrts Privs and pending return to their rightful owners. A list of all MNR works kept in the Muse du Louvre is available in a dedicated album and can also be consulted in the Rose Valland database of the French Ministry of Culture.

At the moment, the new website is available in English and French, although the idea is that it will also become available in Spanish and Chinese. In any case, it is an interesting initiative to get to know the works of the Louvre Museum better without having to travel and endure the typical crowds that occur until the arrival of the pandemic.

The Internet returns, once again, to bring culture to any part of the world where there is someone interested. Definitely a must see now at Easter and at any other time

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