The mansion bought by 4 Fortnite youtubers

We know that streaming games like Fortnite can be a profitable and decent option for hundreds of youtubers.

However, what you will see below translates to a much higher level, so much so as to allow the purchase of a mansion and luxury cars by 4 players of this famous game in the United States. Here is the video with all the details of the interior of this house-office.

One Percent Fortnite House, the mansion of Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks and Randumb

Rather than making opinions or criticisms about the mansion and its decorative appearance, we want to focus on giving a different look at how a game can be monetizedIn such a way that thanks to the sponsorship, the hours of transmissions and the union between several content creators, acquisitions like those that appear in the video can be seen.

Thus, the owners of this mansion are the youtubers Formula (with 4.4 million subscribers), Kiwiz (3.2 million), Nicks (3.2 million) and Randumb (with 3 million).

As for the house in question, in the video clip presented on the official One Percent channel, which already has more than 800K subscribers, it has been possible to observe part of the luxury that is available: an exhibition with 160 bottles of wine, a piano in which Frank Sinatra played one of his pieces, swimming pool, game room, cinema, golf course and of course, the rooms where they will play every day.

Here it should be noted that among the sponsoring brands are Turtle Beach, Scuf Gaming, Foodora, Razer, G Fuel, among others.

In addition to the above, youtubers have wanted to take advantage of the commotion they have caused to create an online clothing store with products from the channel that are already sold out on their official One Percent site. With all this, There are plenty of reasons for other people to join the world of broadcasting of live games, and if they have a high return with sponsorship and donations from fans, all the better.

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