The mask with integrated headphones

Now that masks have become part of our daily lives to protect us from contracting COVID-19, companies such as Razer or LG have taken advantage of this situation to develop smart masks that not only offer protection against the virus, but also provide the necessary comfort so as not to obstruct the user’s breathing and allow them to carry out their daily activities without problem.

Recently the musician and producer, a member of the Black Eyed Peas group, announced his alliance with the manufacturer Honeywell and Jos Fernndez, the Mexican designer in charge of creating the SpaceX suits, to announce the launch of Xupermask, your first smart mask.

It is a mask that, although it takes elements that allude to the LG and Razer masks, it differs from these in the fact that it incorporates headphones. And the fact is that many of the people who are usually seen on the streets wearing masks do so also wearing their hearing aids, which is why’s decision to integrate this element into his mask.

In this sense, the headphones have been designed in such a way that they have active noise cancellation, as well as magnetic connectivity, a property that allows the headphones to adhere to the mask when they are not being used.

Added to this, the headphones will have bluetooth 5.0 connectivity so that they can be linked with both Android and iOS devices.

In terms of protection, Xupermask will present dual 3-speed fans with HEPA filters, which have the function of allowing a better air flow, in contrast to other masks of similar design, being also more efficient when filtering the particles present in the air. environment.

Also, Xupermask has LED lights that favor the visual appeal of the design, as well as a battery that guarantees a continuous operation of the mask for 7 hours.

Those who wish to purchase this mask will be able to do so for a value of 299 dollars, equivalent to 250 euros, as of April 8 when it is launched on the market in the United States with the option of shipping to Europe.

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