The mental disorders of Disney characters

The mental disorders of Disney characters

Some more and others less, but almost all of us have grown up with the Disney movies.

So when we see some of their characters over the years, it is inevitable to feel nostalgic, remembering those times when we see them over and over again, until we learn the dialogues by heart. However, more and more urban legends that some of them false and others real, do not stop creating traumas in this regard, such as Snow White picking up a condom while sweeping the house of the dwarfs or that you can see the word sex written in the sky in one of the most emblematic scenes of the King Len.

And since we also like to extract juice from these films we have decided to make a analysis Over the possible mental disorders of the disney characters. Why Because it’s a funny way that you learn about psychology and mental disordersYes and because I had an excuse to see the movies again.

Learn about the mental disorders of Disney characters

Although, logically, when these characters were created, these disorders were not being considered, it is true that some of them show symptoms to suffer them. It should also be clear that with this article we do not intend to laugh neither the diseases nor the people who suffer from them.

It is simply a close way to discover them; Well, in fact, surely using these films for comparison from now on you remembered them more easily.

Ariel and Digenes Syndrome

If you remember the story of the little Mermaid, Ariel was a young mermaid I dreamed of to be human, so he spent much of his time collecting any type of utensil that it fell from the ships, to the point of accumulating an entire arsenal of spoons, chandeliers, musical instruments and other objects. For her all that was a great treasure, but the truth is that it responds quite well to the description of the people affected by the Digenes syndromewhich tend to isolate yourself at home and accumulate garbage and all kinds of useless objects.

In general, it usually affects elderly people who live alone, although there are usually exceptions, such as the case of Ariel. If you do not remember the collection to which I refer you can see it in this video.

Beauty and the Stockholm Syndrome

Think about it. Beautiful goes in search of his father, who is in a house in the middle of nowhere, where he has been kidnapped by a man, half beast, with very bad milk. Once there, he asks the kidnapper to exchange for his father, which is a very nice gesture and full of courage. So far so good. But it turns out that after ends up falling in love with the kidnapper to the point of defending it from popular lynching.

Bella has all the symptoms of having a stockholm syndrome, which is a psychological reaction through which the victim of a kidnapping or rape develops an emotional bond with the person responsible for their hardships. In addition, in these cases the hijacker itself also begins to develop feelings towards their victims, as in the case of the beast, that even mounts a giant library.

The Prince Charming and the prosopagnosia

For those who do not know it, the Charming Prince is the name of the Cinderella prince. As you know, his parents organized a party in his palace to which all the marriageable girls from a good family so he could choose one as a wife.

The Cinderella wanted to go but as his wicked stepmom He did not allow it, he had to resort to the magic of his Fairy Godmother, who turned the rags into a princess dress and a pumpkin from the garden into a carriage; But that is, only until 12 o’clock at night, because apparently the spell was not yet perfected and from that moment it will go to waste and everything will be what it was.

Sure, when the chimes sounded midnight, the girl was dancing with the prince and had to run away so that the whole cake was not discovered, leaving behind a glass slipper. Unable to reach her, Prince Charming picked up the shoe and decided to try it on all the girls in the kingdom in search of the one that would fit her. But why? It was not easier to go from house to house looking for the expensive the girl he had been dancing with the night before?

This leads us to think that the young man suffered prosopagnosia, a form of visual agnosia which causes those who suffer from it to be unable to recognize faces. It is due to the presence of neurodegenerative diseases or injuries to the right side of the lingual and fusiform gyri and it affects a 25% of the real population. In the case of Disney characters, the prevalence is not very clear.

Alice and Todd syndrome

When we talk about Alice we refer to that of the WonderlandBut is there such a country? The truth is that thinking about a queen taken from the French deck of cards, a rabbit with a clock and in a hurry and a talking cat with a smile bigger than the rest of her body is quite thoughtful.

It is possible that Alice had an unhealthy fondness for LSD or hallucinogenic mushrooms, or also that she suffers from Todd syndrome, a disease also called Alice in Wonderland syndrome due to the relationship between her symptoms and the strange experiences that the girl goes through throughout history. It can be associated with other disorders such as migraine or epilepsy and even in some cases it accompanies viral infections and is characterized by the presence of visual hallucinations such as distortion of sizes, shapes or colors and even the presence of multiple images. In addition, it also includes symptoms associated with other disorders already mentioned, such as prosopagnosia.

Come on, he either had that or the smoke a caterpillar spits at him in this scene from the movie wasn’t exactly tobacco.

Rapunzel and bipolar disorder

If you are one of those who have not continued to see disney movies from a certain age, you may not know that Rapunzel is the protagonist of Tangled.

This girl from immensely long hairlive in a tower in which she has been locked up by what she believes to be her mother, who strongly insists that she should not go out, because the exterior is dangerous.

However, one day a young thief, which encourages her to leave home. She accepts, full of curiosity for what awaits her outside; but, once abroad, doubts assail him and he passes from the glad for being free to remorse for disobeying his mother in a matter of seconds.

This is something common that has all happened to us all, but if it is repeated continuously it can be related to the Bipolar disorder, a Mental illness consistent in the presence of sudden changes in mood, alternating depressive periods with moments of exultant happiness.

Pocahontas and synesthesia

As you know, Pocahontas was that one American Indian who falls in love with one of the settlers who come to seize their land. The girl, who got along very well with a talking treeI used to teach him John Smith (the settler) the customs of his tribe through songs, such as a well-known one in which he speaks of the colors of the wind.

The truth is that the wind, by definition, cannot be seen. At best, we can see its result through leaves and other moving objects, but never the wind itself. I know that it is more frequent to refer to the Wind sound, which is also a consequence, but is a more common reference.

However, she insists on seeing colors, so it is possible that she sufferedsynesthesia, a quality that leads to those who possess it to identify with a sense one stimulus normally associated with another. Thus, these people, for example, often claim that hear colors, than they see soundsor what they discover colors in the wind.

Peter Pan and the syndrome that bears his name

In the case of Peter Pan syndrome It is not a character to whom a syndrome can be attributed, but there is a syndrome that directly bears his name. As you know, this young man decided that I did not want to be older, so I went to Neverland, where he became leader of the Lost Children, a group of boys without family who had decided to be children until the end of his days.

The truth is that we have all once experienced the desire not to want to grow old. The invoices, the work, the personal relationships everything is complicated with the adulthood and although maturity brings with it many joys, it is also accompanied by troubles that we have a hard time going through. The problem is that some people are not able to accept that growth is inevitable and end up developing this syndrome, characterized by symptoms associated with anxiety and depression,which are usually presented accompanied by a large lack of selfesteem.

These are just some examples, although if you analyze the films you will surely discover many more. Can you think of one?

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