The Microsoft app now allows you to control the music on your mobile from Windows

If you use the Microsoft Your Phone application to connect your Android mobile with your Windows PC, you may be interested in knowing one of the latest functions available.

In addition to the series of features that allow you to manage calls and the multimedia content of the mobile from the PC, Microsoft has added functions to control the audio.

If you are listening to music from your mobile while working on the computer, you will no longer have to alternate your attention between the two computers to manage the audio. Thanks to the new dynamics implemented by Microsoft, you will be able to control the audio and music applications of your mobile phone directly from the application on your PC.

As shown in the image, a small player will open in the application with the basic options to control the music. It is the same dynamic that the mobile presents when you lock the screen or want to play a song from the notification bar.

You can see the information of the song and the application that is playing the music. And as you will see, the small player does not affect other sections of the application in Windows, so you can scroll without problems to see the messages, images or take a call.

This dynamic works with Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Google Podcast, Pandora, and any app that shows the media player in the notification bar. The only requirements to enjoy this option is to have Windows updated and an Android 7.0 or higher mobile.

Once this function is available in your Your Phone application in Windows, you will see in Settings the option Show audio that is played at this moment from my phone. Once you activate it, it will ask you to grant some permissions in the Your Phone Companion app on Android.

This new feature had a trial period and is now released for all users.

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