The million users who access Facebook through Tor is reached

Facebook has wanted to publicly share a milestone that has just occurred this month: the million users who access its services through the Tor network (The Onion Router) have just been reached. The Tor network, basically, is a project that makes it possible to camouflage the data of the users' connections.

There may be different reasons related to security and privacy for which users from any part of the world decide to access Facebook services through Tor.In this sense, it should be noted that the company has been facilitating access to its services through Tor over the past two years through some initiatives carried out, including the launch of its .onion site and the inclusion of support for connectivity through Tor to its mobile application for Android, among others.

Facebook provides more information in this regard, indicating that the growth in the use of Tor to access its services has had a practically linear growth, and that in the past month of June, 525,000 users accessed its services through Tor.

To get an idea of ​​what this number of users represents, note that Facebook already has 1.59 billion users, according to reports from this past January, of which 934 million of them access it daily.

In addition, Facebook is shown waiting to receive feedback of users in order to continue improving access to their services through this network.

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