The most surprising thing in Augmented Reality of this year 2020

There are hundreds of Augmented Reality projects worth mentioning. In our category, here on WWWhatsnew, we have already talked about more than 300, the first being one launched in 2009, 11 years ago.

Today we will talk about a more modern one, presented a few days ago and still in closed beta: AR Copy Paste.

To explain what it does, I will give you an example: You are working with a Powerpoint presentation, or with a Photoshop design, and suddenly you realize that the plant in front of you, on the work table, has the right shape to include it in the digital file. Now you have two options:

– You take a photo of the plant, pass it to Photoshop or and remove the background, copy the result and paste it in the presentation or corresponding design. – Use AR Copy Paste. To do this you take a photo of the plant, click on copy, focus on presentation, and click on paste, without having to work with the generated file.

In this video you have an example:

This is, where there is a longer video with more examples. They are creating an app for Android and iOS that will be compatible with various editing software, and with it they will change the way thousands of people work.

Internally the application captures the image, removes the background and saves a temporary file on the mobile. When focusing on the document, identify the area where we want to paste the photo (png file with transparency), although previously, in the app settings, it will be necessary to identify with the appropriate account so that you can edit the document correctly.

At this time they have opened a registration form to obtain emails from people interested in the product, although they have not reported definitive launch dates or possible prices or details of their internal process.

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