The new Android app that steals user data

When talking about applications for the telephone, they are always designed to provide the device with more functionality, however it is necessary to exercise caution when downloading them. Some of them can impair their performance or serve as a Trojan horse to implant a virus or malware that can take our personal information.

In this sense, a new malware was discovered designed to go unnoticed by posing as a system update software on Android and deceiving the user with the purpose of accessing the device’s system and taking advantage of the personal information stored there.

Once in action, this malware can collect device information such as contact list, browsing history, call history, photos, videos, location data, messages sent in instant messaging apps etc.

System Update, as the malware-application is called, was discovered by zimperium, who after examining its characteristics came to the conclusion that they were dealing with a remote access Trojan.

When looking at the description of the harmful application, it is described as a tool that guarantees to keep the functions of your cell phone up to date, thus hiding its true intentions.

On the other hand, the team of researchers considers this as the more sophisticated remote access Trojan that they have discovered so far, given the effectiveness it has once it penetrates the system to seize a great variety and quantity of data.

But this is not where the work of this malware ends, as it can also take screenshots or activate the microphone phone to record user conversations.

It should be noted that the app is not available on Google Play, but has been offered in APK format through the network or in third-party application stores where it is presented as a tool designed to improve the performance of the phone through the system upgrade.

In this sense, the user is recommended not to install applications that come from unreliable sources, as well as to question those apps that require considerable control of the device in order to function.

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