The new functions for families that Google begins to offer for this Christmas

With our eyes set on the upcoming Christmas festivities, and despite the exceptional circumstances that we have experienced, Google wants to give families a hand to keep children entertained in various ways, making the entertainment options compatible with the distribution of responsibilities, in addition to promoting healthy digital habits.

In this sense, the new functions for the Google Assistant on mobile phones, smart speakers and smart screens, as well as the new functions that come to Google Fi, Google’s telecommunications operator, are available only to residents of the United States. , at no additional cost to users.

An increasingly familiar assistant

Regarding the Google Assistant, from today on the Family Notes arrive, which allow you to create virtual sticky notes about the tasks to be performed by each member of the family, and even guests if any, and that work only on smart screens, although initially it will not be available in different languages ​​or in different markets, as the corresponding support page indicates.

For its part, Family Bell, the new routine notifications function, which is in the testing phase, as we mentioned in July, launches new sound effects for speakers and smart screens, to which the possibility will be added in the coming weeks to pause bells created for a period of time.

In addition, children will be able to spend time with the rest of the family through learning activities for smart screens, and will even have new interactive stories, also adding a new category of stories that children can enjoy on smartphones and smart screens.

It will also be possible to ask where the entire family or a specific member is located.

According to the Google support page, minors under 13 or applicable age in each region will not have access to a series of features. In any case, it will be necessary to have Google Location Sharing or a third party service such as Life360. This function will be possible on mobiles, smart speakers and smart displays.

And finally, minors up to 13 years or applicable age can have a personalized experience with the Google Assistant, under Family Link technology, when logging in with their accounts.

Google Fi and the healthy uses of technology

And regarding the promotion of healthy digital habits, Google Fi will allow parents to establish call and message blocks on their children’s mobile lines, make a data budget for their use at high speed until the established limit (which It may also be applicable for any other member of the family if necessary), and the Family Link configuration arrives from the Fi application on the minor’s Android phone, which will allow the establishment of basic rules.

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